Family Business – Mails to my Clients – 2 – XYZ Family Business Board Meetings: Meetings Checklist

Raju Swamy: PROMAG: January 21, 2010


XYZ Family Business Board Meeting:

Meeting Checklist: Draft Recommendation

 1. Primary Business Objectives:

1.1. Business and Management Performance: To ensure that the Businesses where the Family has Management Control and Controlling Financial Interest contribute to the Wealth and Well-Being of the Family in perpetuity through:

1.1.1. Quality, Stability, and Growth of Human Resources employed in the Businesses.

1.1.2. Knowledge, Networking, and Alertness to be able to adapt to Innovation and Productivity, in time, to changing markets and to the changes in the larger business environment.

1.1.3. Continuous Growth both in ‘Financials’ and in Market Expansion that will generate increasing management and employment opportunity, and dividend income, for the Family.

1.1.4. Continuous and Sustainable Growth that will reflect positively to the relevant external world and which will result in increasing valuation of the Companies that will in turn contribute to the building of Wealth of the Family.

1.1.5.Sustained Growth and Performance of the Group Companies over time to be used to develop a Group Brand Equity that in turn will attract external investment for Expansion and for New Ventures.

1.1.6. Group Brand Equity will also help to attract Competent Senior Professionals who are essential inputs for Sustained Growth.

2. Career and Succession Planning:

2.1. Identification of Leadership positions that will require Successors in 3/ 5/ 7 years.

2.2. Identification/ mapping of career routing over 3/5/7 years of next generation Human Resources from within the Family to execute a Plan of Succession including training for Domain expertise, and for Leadership.

2.3. Identify Leadership positions where, for want of appropriate human resource from within the Family, external qualified professionals have to be inducted, or where such professionals from within can be identified and trained to higher levels of Leadership.

3. Retirement Planning

3.1. Who will retire when?

3.2. Phase in / Phase out Plan.

3.3. Financial Security

3.4. Social Security

3.5. Family Support.

4. Continuity & Performance of Not-for-Profits/ Charities.

5. Agenda for Monthly Meetings: The Agenda for each Meeting will have to flow naturally from the Checklist, and include:

5.1. Regular Performance Reporting from the Family’s perspective: For each company, for each charity institution.

5.2. Each Next-Gen. Professional from the Family to make a focused presentation on an area in the Family’s Business that requires attention with a fresh perspective.

5.3. Other Agenda listings will consist of priority attention areas for that month from the Primary Objectives Checklist.

6. Meeting Format: Formal seating/ Professional Family Meeting/ Performance & Solution Driven/ A Chairperson from within the family, by rotation, including a Next-Gen. member of the Family.

7. Organization, Minutes and Follow-up: A Family Member to take up this formal, accountable, leadership responsibility, for the productive success of each Monthly Meeting, for a specified period.


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